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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and download further information on our products.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How hot does it get in the Banshin Yok Lower body sauna?

Temperature can reach up to 70°C
We recommend the infrared thermotherapy session temperature setting from 50°C (120°F) to 60°C (140°F) depending on your comfort level and preference.

2. How long should I stay inside the Banshin Yok ITS?

Note the temperature you start to perspire or sweat differs between each individuals.
We recommend a session of 20-30minutes (during the evening prior to sleep) starting from the time the Banshin Yok ITS (Infrared thermotherapy system) unit reaches the set temperature.

3. Are there any health problems that I should be concerned about prior to using the Banshin Yok Lower body sauna?

Always consult with your physician prior to using the Banshin Yok sauna and other infrared thermotherapy system products if you are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, low or high blood pressure, sensitive skin or skin disease.

4. Can I use Banshin Yok Lower body sauna and other infrared sauna products while I am pregnant?

Excessive temperatures may cause fetal damage to early months pregnancy. Please consult with your physician prior to using the sauna.

5. Does the Banshin Yok Lower body sauna use much electricity?

Wattage ranges from 750 watts to 1100 watts. Half or a third of many full size infrared saunas and traditional Finnish saunas. Power to the heaters are automatically cut-off when the set temperature is maintained utilizing approximately 50% of the total wattage per hour.

6. Why is Cedar considered best for saunas?

With its natural resistance to rot, decay, insect attacks, cracking and splitting caused by high temperature difference from heating & cooling of the sauna, Western Red Cedar is one of the most durable wood for saunas. Unmatched natural beauty elegantly enhances your home décor. Western Red Cedar is pitch and resin-free.

Western Red Cedar colors range from light cream to dark walnut shades. All pieces of western red cedar paneling and moldings are carefully sorted and color selected to balance the overall appearance.

7. Can I use cleaning agent on the interior bench and floor of the sauna?

When necessary, clean the bench and floor guard using a damp cloth. Do not mix with harmful cleaning agents. If the floor guard or bench have prolonged moisture damage, damaged areas can be lightly sanded.


Product manuals are available in PDF format for the following products:

> COZY series ITS (Infrared Thermotherapy System)

> Infrared Saunas

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