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Newgen’s commercial Banshin Yok sauna model installed over 20,000 units nationwide in Acupuncture clinics, diet shops & clinics, skin care and aesthetics clubs.
  • Constructed with old growth kiln dried Clear Western Red Cedar
  • SITZ heating for personal comfort
  • Simple & Easy digital controls
  • Air circulation fan installed for thorough heat circulation
  • Sliding cover contoured to fit you
  • Installed caster wheels for easy move about
  • Wide opening doors on both left & right for easy access
  • TDP Mineral plates installation (optional)
  • Max. temperature 70°C
  • 220V (available in 120V for North America) 50/60hz
  • 1,050 Watts
  • 45 kg / 99 lbs
  • 630mm wide x 750mm
TDP Mineral Plates installed in our Banshin Yok ITS (Infrared Thermotherapy System) lower body saunas are the critical component of the FDA certified TDP Lamps.

The mineral plate are coated with 33 trace elements ; essential to and found in the human body. Mineral plate emits 2-50 microns of deep penetrating far infrared which get absorbed in the tissues stimulating blood circulation to accelerate the natural healing processes. Elements such as magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zirconium, titanium, zinc are part of the secret formula of those 33 trace elements.

Since 1979, clinical tests confirm TDP therapy calms pain, reduces inflammation, balance metabolism, and promote repair of the immune system.
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