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NewGen Sauna

Creating and refining
a new generation of healthy living

Newgen Banshin Yok Saunas provides
True relaxation and thermotherapy by simply opening the door and sitting down.

Set the temperature just right for you and let Newgen do the rest.

Deeper detoxification: be amazed how NEWGEN Banshin Yok sauna boosts a new sensation of perspiration of your upper body, removing built-up toxins and waste through sweat, while stimulating blood circulation to your lower body.

Thermal imaging shows the heating of the lower body including feet after use of Newgen Banshin Yok Sauna
NewGen Sauna
Focused infrared heating system for pain relief, decreasing joint stiffness, relieving muscle spasm, reducing inflammation associated with arthritis, venous disorders, and genital problems such as hemorrhoids and bladder infections.

Boost metabolism and induce better sleep

A session of aromatherapy with soft cedar aroma as NEWGEN Banshin Yok sauna is made from all natural western red cedar.
“Natural wood loves you. Let is whisper its medicine.”
Antimicrobial volatile organic compounds called PHYTONCIDES (essential oils): some of the essential oils include natural Hinokitiol are found in Western Red Cedar.

Hinokitiol is known to have inhibitory effects on Chlamydia trachomatis, a bacteria living within human cells known to cause urethritis, proctitis, trachoma, prostatitis and epididymitis (in men), and infertility.
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