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Banshin Yok story

Banshin Yok story

Banshin Yok is Korean for lower body bathing (Hanshinyoku in Japanese) commonly called Sitz bath or half body bathing.

Banshin Yok is the soaking of the lower body up to the hips (with the hands and arms not immersed) in warm water of about 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 to 30minutes.

Lower body bathing helps to improve blood circulation, ease muscular tensions and aches, encourage detoxification, and increasingly popular as it is believed to aid weight loss during the daily wellness regimen.

Warm water together with increased blood flow to the lower body elevates the overall body temperature causing perspiration
of the upper body head, arms, and chest; raising the inner body temperature for deep detoxification benefits.
As the upper body is emerged from the warm water, there are less strain on the heart and lungs compared to full body bathing or the use of conventional and (FIR) infrared saunas.

Lower body bathing is after all still a bath …
Your bath tub has to be scrubbed down before and after using. How many times a week? 3-4 times recommended
Banshin Yok story
With NEWGEN Banshin Yok sauna, you won’t need to scrub your tub.
Newgen Banshin Yok sauna can be used comfortably almost anywhere and anytime without the need to setup nor schedule your own private time.

Newgen Banshin Yok sauna a detoxification program proven safe, effective, and comfortable

Does much more for your health & well-being
Father of Medicine, Hippocrates said:
“Who cannot cure disease with medicine, should operate. Who cannot operate, should heal with heat..”
Banshin Yok story
More on improving your blood circulation with Newgen Banshin Yok sauna
  • With improved and balanced blood circulatin, your skin is better able to fight off bacteria & infections that may come in contact with. Skin will have a
  • healthy color tone helping you look and feel healthy.
  • Increase in blood flow or circulation in the lower body help benefit the heart, muscles and arteries throughout the body.
  • Helps promote cell growth and organ function
  • Oxygen rich blood carrying nutrients and protein to vital organs providing vitality and energy, is an important part of your body’s overall function and health
  • Increase in blood flow without the increase in pulse rate preventing stress to your heart
Banshin Yok story
Banshin Yok story

With jobs that require long periods of sitting and standing along with obesity, chronic venous disorders such as varicose veins, venous insufficiency of the legs are among the most common conditions affecting people today. Cause symptoms of aching, throbbing, fatigue and heaviness where many find the symptoms to worsen as the day goes on.

Banshin Yok sauna  is a self-care thermotherapy for pain relief

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